Saturday, October 04, 2008

New addition to the Stahel household...

First - allow a rant. If you acquire an animal and are not a breeder, spay or neuter your pet immediately. If you cannot afford this, do not get the animal. Domesticated animals have SOME survival instincts, but usually have to be TAUGHT hunting skills from another animal. Dumping a litter of kittens or puppies on a back road where predators are known to roam is despicable. They cannot survive on their own, no matter how smart or instinctual they appear.

Three of Emmy's litter are probably dead. They survived a grand total of four days that we know of. We could not get them to come to us. Emmy finally came to Richard after he spent two hours in tick and chigger infested grass coaxing her to come to him and only after the rest of her siblings were gone. The chances that they ran off and left her are remote.

Emmy's a beautiful smoke color with bright green eyes. Estimated age is 3-4 months old. In keeping with our family tradition, Emmy is named for Emily (Em) Sackett Talon, a character in Louis L'Amour's Sackett series of books.

We think Emmy looks like an Egyptian temple cat here.

I used to belong to a writer's group called the BatCave. I received two charms from them, a small brass bat from Cathy and a silver kangaroo from Lex in Australia. I hung them from my computer screen so I'd always feel close to my buddies. Emmy attacked the charms and the rest is history. I have to get pliers and put them back on their jump ring to re-hang on my screen.

I bought Emmy some bizzy balls to give her play time. I figured 8 was too many, but heck, it was only a $1.97 for the pack. I think we've found two again...the other six have disappeared into cat magic lalaland...they are not under any furniture that I can see. One day when I deep-clean (Ha! Like that's gonna happen) I might find the rest. Or Emmy might.