Friday, February 24, 2012

Snowball ~1998 - February 24, 2012

We never knew what breed she was - however, photos show us that she most resembled a Turkish Van, a rare, protected breed.  She had one green eye and one blue eye, and beautiful, white angora fur. She wandered up one day as a kitten, and stayed with Mom and Pa for the past 14 or so years.  We never quite knew if she was deaf or extremely self-possessed. She seemed at times not to hear, loud noises never startled her. At other times she seemed  able to hear, turning her head to watch birds that weren't visible, but could be heard.

Dog chaser, deer stalker, Pa walker...this cat enriched Mom and Pa's life, and by extension, our family's, with her total cat attitude.  She moved across country with them, chased all dogs off her property, stalked the deer and walked with Pa every day to the creek.  She passed away quietly in her sleep, in her favorite spot in Pa's garage. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...

So we were walking down to the bridge and I was pushing Flint in his stroller. The road had been recently graveled and I tripped a little...looked down, and there was a heart rock embedded in the soil. 

Happy Valentine's Day...

Christian uses Richard as a pillow.

I was laying in my chaise longue chair, had the computer in my lap on the pillow.  Set computer aside to go get a drink, and didn't realize Christian was there.  He never protested or got up.  Came back with my drink, settled in, took the computer and pillow off him and he acted like that was normal.

Dinah takes a nap on an unfinished quilt.

Emmy the feral cat, visiting inside.  She was climbing in my lap for cuddling.

Enough cuddling.  Time to survey the kingdom.

Flint settling for a nap.  If napping was an Olympic sport, Flint would have a gold medal.

Echo keeps track of who's putting on shoes.  Shoes on humans means going outside.  She doesn't want to miss her chance to go outside. 

Richard came out to the living room and found a shredded I reprimanded Buddy (because he's the only chewer) and he climbed on his couch in shame.  He will now look shamed and sulk for a while, until one of us consoles him and tells him he's a good dog.  He has been known to turn his back on us while sulking, until we reassure him all is well. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Buddy, Christian, Dinah...

I took the beds apart and stored them away, in preparation for selling them.  Well, I sold them, but the folks who bought the set wanted to see one bed set up, so rather than dragging the bed back into the house, we just set it up on the back porch.  Looked out the window later, and Buddy was lounging on the bed...when they were in my sewing room, he laid on them all the time.  Guess he decided to reclaim his territory. 

Buddy on his bed.

The dogs and cats have a jealousy thing going on.  Every time one gets in Richard's lap, the others vie for a place when that one is done.  Christian and Flint had been snuggling Richard, so Buddy decided it was his turn to be the baby. 

And then there's Christian...he has to be touching me if I am nearby.  Guess its the warmth, or something.

Then he got hot...

He is under the covers.

Then he stretched out.

Stealing the dog bed in the corner of my sewing room.

Don't ask.  I have no idea how that could be comfortable, but he stayed that way for a good hour. 

Note where Dinah's tail is positioned.  When she wants attention from me, but doesn't want to beg for it, she will sit on the corner of my desk and flick her tail over the computer mouse, where my hand happens to be. I will lift up her tail and move it, she will flick it back.  This goes on two or three times, before she concedes, and then climbs into my lap, crawls up my chest, and nestles in my neck.  She sits balanced on my left hand, so that I can continue to use the mouse with my right hand.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Autumn Days and Christian...

We're finally getting autumn-like weather here.  I'm not complaining, I've loved the temperate climate, so far.  No snow, no ice and only a few frozen dew mornings.  We've even had doors and windows open for a couple weeks.  Then, the clouds started rolling in. A stark, yet serene vista now punctuates our morning walks. 

A few days ago, these barely pink clouds played between the trees. 

The trees above the creek mirrored in the water, accented by a fluffy cloud.

Not taken on the same day as above, these clouds seemed to delineate a highway to heaven. 

And then there's Christian, sleeping on our bed, where I had set up camp with the computer.  I got up to get a drink, and tossed computer and pillow aside...not realizing Christian was so close.  He didn't move a muscle, and continued sleeping under the pillow. 

He comes in, climbs up on my arm, leans back against my chest, and then folds himself in half to sleep. It has to be uncomfortable, yet he is content.  He purrs quite loud, too. (Richard says his muffler is broken).