Monday, April 17, 2017

Sunrise And Some Wild Life...

We take our walks early in the morning, often walking out of our driveway before the sun is fully up. The pink stretch is the sun below the horizon, glowing off the clouds. 

It's an odd thing, but through the mile to the bridge, the sky changes colors, and the surrounding area can look completely different in the light just a few yards away as we walk.


Pink sky at morning.

As we continue down the road, the sun starts comping up.

Halfway down the road, the sun plays peekaboo.

Along the way, the domestic life takes a peek at the strangers in their midst.

A ground web is covered in dew.

Not sure of the genus just yet, I'm guessing it's a duskywing, but I'm awaiting confirmation.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

I Moved The Furniture Around...

The animals all got discombobulated and had to try everything out as if it was all new!

Buddy tests his couch to make sure I didn't do anything to it. 

Christian and Emmy have the same body language and expression!

Then they settled on the other couch.  Of course, Christian has to stretch out. 

This is a rarity - Emmy and Dinah usually fight with each other. 

Emmy is a Daddy's girl - she loves Richard.

She is more shy around me, but she loves my fuzzy fleece jacket.  

Richard was doing something with the tools and Dinah did NOT approve of him setting his drill on her bed. 

And then there's Christian, doing what he does best...napping! I leave these pictures to speak for themselves...


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Morning Walks...


This is right outside our driveway, looking east (the bridge is to the west). Sunrise was very pretty, with the pink clouds and blue skies.

A lovely golden sunrise, taken just about halfway to the bridge over an adjacent meadow.

At the creek, there's a beaver family, they've been there for years.  We rarely see the beaver, but lately, the animal's been a little less shy and I've taken some decent pictures. Here he completely ignored us, and continued to eat. 

I don't believe this is the beaver lodge, it's just a pile of sticks gathered together. The lodge is situated under the bank on the opposite side.

The beaver is now swimming towards the lodge. The pile of sticks is to it's left. By the way, the pile of sticks is now gone from the creek a week or so later.

A turtle rose to the surface to check us out.

A raccoon runs across the meadow and into a drainage pipe to hide, probably from us, despite our distance from it.