Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring is in the air...

We've been busy around the homestead, what with Spring springing and all...LOL. I've started clearing out the garage, finally. We have 5 piles - trash, charity, future yardsale, stuff we will keep, and stuff we might keep if it passes the keeper test. We also have Other People's Stuff (OPS) in our garage, and that will be dealt with, forthwith.

Richard has been busy mowing and mowing and mowing. Between the fertilizer and the rain, the yard is rejoicing and blossoming like a rose (with apologies to Isaiah 35:1).

Dinah was acting a little odd for 3 days, not eating and laying around, so she had a vet visit...apparently, whatever it was had passed, she was fine. And she got her shots for all that trouble.

Dinah interrupts work for cuddles. 
Echo is fine, too. But her arthritis was acting up, and the vet recommended another round of Adequan protocol, then monthly maintenance.  Plus a daily dose of Tramadol to keep her pain-free.  She had a knot of hair on her neck, and we discovered a large, quarter-size puncture wound, probably from her playing in the woods while outside.  The vet shaved a a plate sized wad of hair off her shoulder, so now she looks funny, but feels great. And she got her shots for all that trouble, too.

Echo coming home yesterday from our morning walk.

Echo's wound, healing nicely. 

Buddy guards the rawhides.

Contemplative Flint. 

Christian hogs my space.  Notice he is NOT helping me edit.  He is facing away from the computer screen.

All is well at Echo Ridge, and we are doing great, trying out new recipes, enjoying the wonderful weather, and having fun with various pursuits.