Friday, May 06, 2011

Flint's new wheels...

A couple years ago, Flint slipped on the ice and tore the cruciate ligament in his left hind leg.  An operation fixed it, but he would forever walk with a limp.  A couple months ago, he tore the cruciate ligament in his right hind leg.  An operation fixed it, but now, both back legs are weak.  In addition, he has hip dysplasia and arthritis in both front elbows.

Despite all that, he is a little trooper, loyally and faithfully walking with us, falling woefully behind when we walked to the bridge.  It was heart-breaking to watch him struggle to keep up. The other alternative was to leave him at the house, but he hated being left behind.   

I decided it was time to find him a ride.  The first thing we tried was a child's wagon.  But the wheels are small and we discovered they didn't do well on our gravel road.  A dog stroller was a thought, but has the same issue, plus, I couldn't find one made for a medium sized dog - they're all made for small dogs. 

Then, it occured to me - jogging strollers for babies had large wheels, and they are larger, with a reclining seat.  I thought I'd never find a used one, though, and so was saving money for a new one.  This past week, I happened upon a yard sale, and there it was...for $25.  

Flint's New Ride.  


I had to put the dog leash as a strap across the front because the seat doesn't fully recline, and tilts him slightly forward.  With the strap, he is able to stay in the stroller.  See how he sits?  He is still protecting the recently operated on leg. 

I let him walk as far as he is able, and then when he starts falling behind, I put him in the stroller.  At first, he was wary, but now that he realizes he can still see everything and be with us, he settles down and enjoys the ride. 

The cool thing is, there is a basket under the seat, not visible in the picture, and I can toss the camera, a jacket, and/or a bottle of water in there. The stroller moved easily on the gravel road and wasn't hard to push.  

Looks like we'll all be walking to the bridge again.    

Oh, and see how neat and trim Echo looks?  I clipped the lion's mane around her neck, and some fur off her back and belly.  She is a lot more comfortable as the weather turns warmer.