Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dogs - Flint, Buddy & Echo...

I do so many posts about Christian, I decided the dogs need a little blog time, too.  Since they are normal, we don't get too many pictures of them being odd. :)


Flint relaxes on the porch.  Since his 2 abcessed teeth were pulled, he's like a whole new dog.  Feisty and happy to go along with everything. 

OK, I take it back, Buddy does do a few odd things.  Like sitting in the chair like this. He does it all the time. 

He also likes to be nearby when I work. This is one of the few times he's laid on the floor, usually, he gets in the chaise longue, if Flint isn't there already.

Whenever we reprimand Buddy, or he feels neglected, he goes and curls up like this, usually with his back to us, and sulks until we come over, pet him, and assure him he is loved. 

Buddy has never slept in the dog beds scattered around the house.  He prefers the dog couch (yes, we have a couch just for the dogs) and he loves pillows. He will knock the back pillow down on the dog couch to lay on it. I had a pillow on the chaise longue one day, and came in to find him cuddled on it.

Buddy sends his love - see the heart between his paws?

Echo, the Wolf Princess.