Thursday, March 02, 2006

Other events...

Richard has decided NOT to sell the Camry. Sort of. We're trying to talk Jenny into trading cars with us. She can have the Camry and we'll take her Corolla. We shall see what transpires. She's always loved the car, so we shall see.

Chantry went back to his former home. Seems that Bruno did several things including taking customer boxes, ripping them apart, and then playing with the contents. Sometimes he damaged the contents. Since the dogs are alone in the yard every night this was not good. Some things were small enough to put in the shed, but the big stuff had to be left out for the next driver to pick up. Bruno was taken to a new home. Tiger was so lonely that we decided he needed Chantry back. So Chantry's back in the yard being as playful as ever. Tiger was thrilled to see him and they played and wrassled for a while. And they changed his name back to Champ LOL.

This is my first day without Richard. I kept waking up last night to roll over and snuggle...and no one was there. It was also strange to wake up to no scents of coffee or breakfast. The dogs are a little confused, too. Richard wakes before me and takes them out every morning before I get up. Today, they had to rely on me.

Coming home is strange, too. Knowing he'll not be there at the regular time is a little odd. It means I can eat when I want and what I want. This may not be good.

I had banana pudding ice cream for dinner last night.

I shall have to be more disciplined. LOL

Maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Life Changes...

Four weeks ago, I was fairly happy with my humdrum life, the one where Richard and I were working towards our ultimate goal to build our own home on 3.8 acres in the Missouri wilderness. We went to work every day to jobs we were comfortable with, if not wildly excited about...we knew we could retire in about 5 years and maybe then, start building that dream home we've always talked about and do some traveling through Europe in between.

Four weeks ago Richard applied for another job. And got it.

This afternoon I put him on a plane to Saudi Arabia.

Last week we sold the house.

Saturday I pick my parents up from the train station.

Next week we pack out.

On March 22, I sign the closing papers and will move to Missouri to help Pa start building our storage shed and garage/apartment.

And in 15 months, Richard will come home and we will officially retire and begin building that dream house. By taking the job, we knocked 3 1/2 years off our future retirement date.

We are planning to meet in Europe at least 3-4 times in the coming year and visit Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and wherever else we fancy.

Sometimes, that goal is a LOT closer than we imagined.

I like that. Life changes and there are bumps and detours, but the end goal is always in sight.