Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Busy Months...

It's been so hectic that I've not had much time to post.  Between church business (we're remodeling), a funeral of a much-loved church member, our camping trip, and various other pursuits, we've been busy.  I'll just  post a bunch of random photos of life here at Echo Ridge.

A sunrise over the bridge.

An eensy-weensy snake - it was a ringneck, harmless to humans.

Christian doing his faceplant nap.

Christian warming his back (that is a heating pad under him, turned on).

Buddy and the couch quilt blankie.

"That is NOT how you spell antidisestablishmentarianism!"

Contemplating his nap.

Cat nap.  With Dog.

Buddy sitting with Dad.

Buddy keeping an ear open for a truck, while Echo sleeps.

Dinah swats at Chistian to keep him away from her already eaten mouse.

Dinah and Christian sleep on a blundle of sewing.

Buddy plays with his cat toy.

Walking back from the mail box.