Saturday, August 27, 2011


Today's walk was in crisp, cool morning air, with low humidity.  Autumn is upon us.  It was a perfect morning.

The photo doesn't do the sunrise justice - the red tinged to pink and was beautiful. 

This young bald eagle was on this snag yesterday, I forgot to download the photo.  There are two nesting pairs of parent eagles, they've produced 2-3 chicks every year for the past 10 years.  This part of Missouri is known for its bald eagles' nests.

Buddy likes to check the water, in case he sees an opportunity to run away and get into it. He loves the creek.  We don't let him go down due to the copperheads we know reside there (see past photos of said copperhead).  Buddy's been bitten by a copperhead once, in our woods. 

Flint takes a break at the bridge. 

This was a photo from yesterday, too.  We went to KC and Echo was sad she couldn't go. 

 I opened the doors and windows today because it is lovely out.  Christian loves sitting in the window, watching birds and snoozing. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Afternoon Walk...

So, we decided to take an afternoon walk (and it was way too hot).  We walked out to discover THIS!  Actually, someone ran over an armadillo this morning right in front of our mailbox and the turkey buzzards were after that...EWWWW. 

Guarding his supper...

We continued on and went to visit a neighbor.  Our neighbor has a new little puppy...not by choice.  Someone DUMPED this little Shi Tzu puppy on the side of a main road and our friend rescued is pointless to ask why - people still believe that domesticated dogs...oh yes, even puppies, can survive in the wild on their own.  FYI, they cannot.  Our road is a dumping ground and sometimes we don't find them in time.  We've buried a few, too. 

Hello, my name is Peaches, and I am loved. 

The Morning Walk...

We took our morning walk and came upon sky at morning, sailors take warning...It was awesome. 

It reminded me of descriptions of "The Bloody Sun" by Marian Zimmer Bradley...It was gorgeous. 

By the time we got home, it was fully light and Dinah was perched on the railing, looking down at Christian, under the porch steps.  She looked so settled I snapped a picture of her. 

Hectic and our Monday walk...

I've been traveling - went off to a conference and only just returned last week, but playing catchup with home, family, animals, and chores.

However, our morning walks resumed and I have lots of pictures from the last few days.

This was Monday's walk. Richard, Buddy and Echo were ahead of me.

As we went further up the road, the clouds shifted and this was the view. 

I took a shot straight up the road.  You can see some of the 'God rays' to the right. 

Came home to the butterfly - a White Admiral - on the hoya carnosa. The plant is native to the tropics and was given to me by Richard's grandmother. This plant is over 40 years old. I've had it 20 years and when Grandma gave me the slip, she said she'd had it at least 20 years. After she passed, I took the whole plant because no one else wanted it.  So now I have two.