Saturday, September 08, 2012

Baby Shower Today & Work Party...

We are having a work party at a church member's home this morning.  Just helping clean up and do a few things because both have had heart surgery in the past 2 years and need a little hand doing some heavier stuff. 

This afternoon, we have a baby shower.  The baby is a girl, so I made a girl diaper (cake) cradle. 

It is made from a pack of Parent's Choice (WalMart) newborn diapers.  The bottom is just the diapers lined up as they came out of the pack.  A quick ribbon around the whole thing... and done! The "feet" are rolled up diapers, pinned on. I had to put a piece of cardboard under there so the body diapers wouldn't collapse. The crown of the cradle is rolled diapers with a piece of cardboard arched underneath to hold its shape. I then draped 2 diapers over the top as a "bonnet" and pinned them down with quilt pins. Some appropriately placed ribbon hides the rubberbands holding the diapers together. Under the bonnet is filled with travel-sized lotion, baby wash, shampoo, a thermometer, medicine droppers and spoons, pacifiers, and the pain reliever meds, which didn't quite fit. The sides are banded together with baby headbands. The clips on the edge of the bonnet are baby barrettes.  I put a bow on the back of the bonnet, (not seen). Add some ribbon on top and it's done! 

I think it's pretty cute. :)