Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Christian Many Sleeps (that's his Indian name)...

Unlike regular cats, who curl up in a ball to sleep, Christian assumes many poses and positions depending on where he is.  

The Wall (homage to Pink Floyd)

Roadkill (homage to Roadkill Cafe Cookbook)

If I am shot, and heaven I face
Lay me in a bed of antique lace...

The last photo probably requires an explanation - I am currently very carefully cleaning a tote full of antique lace given to me by Richard's grandmother.  As you can see, there are yards and yards of it as I  set it aside after cleaning to wind onto cardboard holders.  Christian believes the lace piles are there for his sleeping pleasure. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Morning Walks...

Richard and I have been taking morning walks with the dogs for the last month. The walk exercises all of us, plus helps burn off excess energy for the dogs.  We walk a mile down a gravel road to a bridge that crosses a creek. We check out the creek every day, looking for fish, turtles and even the occasional snake (shudder). Barn swallows, heron and bald eagles fly overhead. The barn swallows live under the bridge. The herons nest down the road, in a shady grove near a low-water bridge. The eagle's nest is about half a mile away. 

Richard with Echo and Buddy, and a spectacular sunrise splashed across the sky. This was taken a few days ago.  

Today, walking out of our driveway, this was hanging in the air, attached to the ground and the hanging limbs of our driveway pine.  It floated there, with the sun's rays streaking through it, the only reason we saw it.  When we looked at it from the road, it was invisible. 

I love walking each morning, its a meditation with God, an affirmation of faith. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Rains, Butterflies & Flowers...

We've been walking the dogs every morning, which they love.  Being out that early (usually between 6 am and 8 am), the world is quiet, and the sun has been up for a while, but is just peeking over our horizon. We amble along, and I always bring the camera, just in case moments like these happen.  Enjoy our mornings and afternoons...

On yesterday's walk.  I love this kind of photo - its as if God gives us a gift to commune with Him and feel the wonder. 

A Missouri primrose, growing on the side of the road.

The butterflies are out in force - this purple admiral sat still only for a few seconds before flitting off into the sky.