Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Afternoon Walk...

So, we decided to take an afternoon walk (and it was way too hot).  We walked out to discover THIS!  Actually, someone ran over an armadillo this morning right in front of our mailbox and the turkey buzzards were after that...EWWWW. 

Guarding his supper...

We continued on and went to visit a neighbor.  Our neighbor has a new little puppy...not by choice.  Someone DUMPED this little Shi Tzu puppy on the side of a main road and our friend rescued is pointless to ask why - people still believe that domesticated dogs...oh yes, even puppies, can survive in the wild on their own.  FYI, they cannot.  Our road is a dumping ground and sometimes we don't find them in time.  We've buried a few, too. 

Hello, my name is Peaches, and I am loved. 

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