Thursday, March 02, 2006

Other events...

Richard has decided NOT to sell the Camry. Sort of. We're trying to talk Jenny into trading cars with us. She can have the Camry and we'll take her Corolla. We shall see what transpires. She's always loved the car, so we shall see.

Chantry went back to his former home. Seems that Bruno did several things including taking customer boxes, ripping them apart, and then playing with the contents. Sometimes he damaged the contents. Since the dogs are alone in the yard every night this was not good. Some things were small enough to put in the shed, but the big stuff had to be left out for the next driver to pick up. Bruno was taken to a new home. Tiger was so lonely that we decided he needed Chantry back. So Chantry's back in the yard being as playful as ever. Tiger was thrilled to see him and they played and wrassled for a while. And they changed his name back to Champ LOL.

This is my first day without Richard. I kept waking up last night to roll over and snuggle...and no one was there. It was also strange to wake up to no scents of coffee or breakfast. The dogs are a little confused, too. Richard wakes before me and takes them out every morning before I get up. Today, they had to rely on me.

Coming home is strange, too. Knowing he'll not be there at the regular time is a little odd. It means I can eat when I want and what I want. This may not be good.

I had banana pudding ice cream for dinner last night.

I shall have to be more disciplined. LOL

Maybe tomorrow.


Lyn Cash said...

WOW - lots going on since last time I visited. {{{Merry}}} I'll miss you while you're offline, but I totally understand and wish you only the best.

Call or write once you're settled and have the time. Let me know how you are.

Angie the Hippo said...

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to talk to you for so long. I see your life has been very busy! Take care of yourself! Hugs! Hugs! Hugs! and more Hugs!
Oh, and if you happen to come to Sweden while in Europe, you know there is a place for you all to stay!

kit said...

hi merry, it's kathryn, we exchanged emails a couple of years ago..i think uncle mark (devous) gave you my addy. i was surfing the net out of boredom and read some names and saw a 'merry' & remembered uncle mark has a sister named merry stahel. So I type your name and came upon your blog. haha this is cosmic. =)

i saw the devous in tampa 3 years ago,they have beautiful kids. wow this is cool, will drop by your page again sometime. and about your last entry, im sure richard will totally look forward to meeting w/u in europe already cz as of the mo he's surely missing the colder climate of the states.