Thursday, April 06, 2006

The New Life


Yes, I've moved to the wilds of rural Missouri. Life has been an adventure for the last month but its finally settling down. Well, as settled as preparing to build a shed and a garage apartment can be.

The dogs have taken to country life very well! Flint is still a little nervous about the changes, but he's loving his new outdoor life, too. Echo is so thrilled to be outdoors she doesn't want to be an inside dog except to sleep. We've been working with her commands as she is choosing to wander off and not come back when called. Leash training is something she's never wanted to do, but we have to in the backwoods where the potential to get shot at can truly happen. She is learning her boundaries well and is responding to the commands as well as can be expected.

I have pictures and stuff I want to post about our new life, but will do it later as we are currently heading into town to pay for the fabrication supplies for the shed Pa and I will be building in the next week or so. I will not actually be building anything - I'm the step-and-fetch warm body and Pa will do the actual skilled building part.

I've spent a few days going to garage sales, farm auctions and checking out the wildlife Mom and Pa keep an eye on.

The bald eagles down at the lake's edge have once again come to their nest in the sycamore tree. We checked out the blue heron nests down on the neighbor's farm. And, up at the creek there was new excitement - a lone bald eagle was spotted and we're hoping there's a pair to make a new nest! As spring progresses into summer we'll be checking up on the area around that creek to look for a nest.

Anyway, off to shower and go to town!

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Lyn Cash said...

Looking forward to pictures and prose and seeing you back in action here. Hope you have a marvelous Easter with the folks.