Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...

So we were walking down to the bridge and I was pushing Flint in his stroller. The road had been recently graveled and I tripped a little...looked down, and there was a heart rock embedded in the soil. 

Happy Valentine's Day...

Christian uses Richard as a pillow.

I was laying in my chaise longue chair, had the computer in my lap on the pillow.  Set computer aside to go get a drink, and didn't realize Christian was there.  He never protested or got up.  Came back with my drink, settled in, took the computer and pillow off him and he acted like that was normal.

Dinah takes a nap on an unfinished quilt.

Emmy the feral cat, visiting inside.  She was climbing in my lap for cuddling.

Enough cuddling.  Time to survey the kingdom.

Flint settling for a nap.  If napping was an Olympic sport, Flint would have a gold medal.

Echo keeps track of who's putting on shoes.  Shoes on humans means going outside.  She doesn't want to miss her chance to go outside. 

Richard came out to the living room and found a shredded glove...so I reprimanded Buddy (because he's the only chewer) and he climbed on his couch in shame.  He will now look shamed and sulk for a while, until one of us consoles him and tells him he's a good dog.  He has been known to turn his back on us while sulking, until we reassure him all is well. 

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