Sunday, February 05, 2012

Autumn Days and Christian...

We're finally getting autumn-like weather here.  I'm not complaining, I've loved the temperate climate, so far.  No snow, no ice and only a few frozen dew mornings.  We've even had doors and windows open for a couple weeks.  Then, the clouds started rolling in. A stark, yet serene vista now punctuates our morning walks. 

A few days ago, these barely pink clouds played between the trees. 

The trees above the creek mirrored in the water, accented by a fluffy cloud.

Not taken on the same day as above, these clouds seemed to delineate a highway to heaven. 

And then there's Christian, sleeping on our bed, where I had set up camp with the computer.  I got up to get a drink, and tossed computer and pillow aside...not realizing Christian was so close.  He didn't move a muscle, and continued sleeping under the pillow. 

He comes in, climbs up on my arm, leans back against my chest, and then folds himself in half to sleep. It has to be uncomfortable, yet he is content.  He purrs quite loud, too. (Richard says his muffler is broken).

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