Friday, November 18, 2005

Christmas is sneaking up on me...

Like a little ghost waiting in the wings to jump out and say "Boo!" Christmas is there...hiding...waiting...

I'm making quilted Chrismtas coasters right now. I've cut out 3 sets so far. Need two more and then that's done. They're being sold in the Calvert Hotel's antique shop. I also have to do the fabric envelopes with stationary inside.

I finished Mom's present. Both Mom and Pa's presents are done. Next sister's family. I have stuff lined up and even parts half-done. The trick here is to FINISH.

Finding the TIME to finish is a whole 'nother story! But I shall continue onward.

I do love Christmas and every precious minute is worth it. LOL

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Lyn Cash said...

I haven't started cutting yet, but I HAVE found the clothing I'm ripping up for the rag rug and patchwork quilts. (grin) You just amaze me no end. Love the Christmasy pic.