Thursday, February 16, 2006

Weird life lately...

Lots of stuff going on.

Work has been demanding. I'm working longer hours, which I really don't want to do, but things that are out of control must be dealt with and so that's the way it is.

Chantry is growing like a weed and still bedeviling the older dogs but he's learning the ropes of the new family, so that's good.

In other news, we've finally realised it truly is ridiculous to have only two people in this house...and 3 vehicles. With sighs of forlornness, Richard has made the decision to sell the Camry. Its been a good little car and we used it well. We also took care of it well, so we're hoping for top dollar. We shall see.

Extended family life has been heartbreaking, explosive, and fun and loving. My Uncle Harry and Aunt Peggy passed away within a year of each other and my cousin Kristen has been lost and unhappy for a while, and rightfully so. We've all been sharing laughs, love and tears with her and I think its drawn the family closer. Those ties of love are so fragile at times. We adore her and she is slowly learning that the heart will always have a sense of loss, but the memories will keep us going day-by-day. Love ya, Kristen!

I cannot talk about our other family heartache at this time. We are stunned, shocked and downright angry and scared right now. Suffice to say that we hope an end will come to an unresolved dilemma soon. When its safe to talk about it - I WILL. Boy, will I!!!! My anger and rage are contained right now, but when the time comes, WATCH OUT.

Richard and I are gearing up for a lifestyle change, we think. We are trying to work out details and see if things will fall the way we want before we take any steps.

In the meantime, we're working on house and garage plans. I've found a kiva fireplace I want in my home...he's found a lovely 2 story he wants for his! Two stories and southwestern styles don't usually mix, so we're perusing all kinds of plans and pictures, trying to mesh ideas and styles.

The house is still on the market and still being viewed quite often. Its been cold and windy and the pool doesn't look its best due to leaves and palm fronds in it most days. I fish them out, the wind puts them back! I think once spring and hot days are here, when people are roasting from looking at one house after another, they're gonna stop by ours and take one look at that pool and buy, buy, buy! I hope. LOL

I've been quilting and quilting - trying to get stuff done. When we sell, I may not have the space to set up my sewing room so the more I get done now, the better off we'll be.

Anyway, off to do some quilting!

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Lyn Cash said...

Taking time before I settle back to writing to revisit my favorite places. Merry, I'm so sorry for your loss (and Kristen's!!!) - but what a marvelous family unit you have. Hang in there on the bad stuff - look forward to reading your thoughts once you get it to paper, though.

So what quilting projects are cooking right now? I saw some pretty pieces in DC but nothing really that compared to yours. And I like how you phrased the previous post, about the quilts telling a story. (sigh) Miss my grandmother's quilting. I'm afraid none of the rest of us have her gift - but some day...some day I'm picking this up, even if I stink at it.

Good to see you again.