Tuesday, September 11, 2007


A lot of people have asked me how I zipped through menopause virtually unscathed by any side effects. Well, about 8 years ago, a doctor told me I was in peri-menopause. I'd heard the horror stories. So I decided that since I was entering that state I'd do it as gracefully as possible. I didn't want the body tenderness, the bloating, the moodswings and the hot flashes. I began experimenting with all the herbal remedies I found from various Internet boards and my own herbal books. I tried Dong Quoi, Vitamin E, various "estro" vitamins, senior citizen vitamins, etc. Some things would get rid of a symptom or two, but none of them got rid of all of them. I kept experimenting for about 2 years before I finally hit on the formula. Every morning, take one each of these vitamins and herbs.

1 "estro" vitamin - Sam's Club sells one, but not all of them carry it. If its not there, get the bottle of senior vitamins - its excellent, too. The price is way less expensive than any drug store. Get the Member's Mark GENERIC. None of the big brand names have all the ingredients needed (unless things have changed).

1 Vitamin E - 1000 mg. Again, Sam's Club sells them pretty cheap.

1 Evening Primrose Oil - 1000mg.

1 Vitamin B-Complex - make sure ALL the B vitamins are present - Sam's Club sells a good one, as does the commissary if you are military.

2 cranberry tablets daily for feminine health

It takes about 3 weeks for ALL the symptoms to disappear. However, I noticed a difference in how I felt by the third day.

You can skip the regimen for up to THREE days but symptoms will return.

DISCLAIMER: Ask your doctor before beginning any vitamin or herbal routine. Check for any drug/herbal interactions at any of various websites and with your pharmacist. Here is a popular website for drug interactions:


I am not responsible for any side effects, discomfort or dangers you may encounter by making the decision to follow this regimen without a doctor's and a pharmacisit's recommendation or authorization.

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