Monday, October 08, 2007

Another SNAKE!!!!

Richard and I were working in the house (or at least, he was. I may have just been talking). Anyway, he asked if I could make him some lunch. I came in and made him a sandwich and some chips. I opened the door of the 'Stream to go out and there below the steps was ANOTHER SNAKE!

At that point, aside from the snake, the ground was now littered with Fritos corn chips. I screamed, it slithered and chips flew everywhere.

This one was a Western ribbon snake - black with 3 yellow vertical stripes running down its body. It was about 4 feet long and the width of a cafe curtain rod.

So I holler "SNAKE!" and Richard comes running. He chased it away...right around the corner of the 'Stream and UNDER it! ACK! He took the flashlight and looked for it under there, but its gone. I told him the snake is probably sitting in a wheel-well which every smart mouse has already figured out is an excellent entrance to the food in here...

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