Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Busy, busy, busy...

Richard and I have been so busy with the house! It seems we slipped into fall without hardly knowing it. Leaf colors on the lake were very pretty but each time we headed to town I forgot a camera. Actually, leaf color everywhere was nice. Here's a shot from the front porch towards the road.

Echo, Flint and I have been walking up the road every morning, about a quarter of a mile. We see the school bus driver most days. I'm working hard to keep Flint much slimmer this winter because the dysplasia is aggravated by weight. I've been making both dogs run all the way home. I'm hoping our little sprint will help me drop some pounds, too. LOL

Today we got to the top of the hill and the most perfect sunrise was coming up. The sky was blushed pink at the horizon and the sun was a big orange/red/pink ball. Just above it was a jet vapor trail tinged the same colors. The tree limbs were hanging just right below. I rushed home to get the camera and drove back up the hill to take the shot and by the time I got there, the perfect sunrise was gone...

I always thought Ansel Adams was a little arrogant because he and his assistant sometimes spent hours setting up a photo shoot and then often, AA wouldn't even take the picture because it wasn't "perfect." Now I know what he meant. The play of light and color in a given landscape only lasts seconds sometimes. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow.

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