Friday, March 07, 2008

Ready for Spring...

We had a couple days of 70 degree weather and then winter hit once more! Richard and Echo tramped out in the snow. Flint and I stayed warm and cozy inside.

We're still having the up and down weather of March, but I hope in a few weeks Spring will be here because Richard's never been here during that season. Already, a few trees and bushes are showing tiny buds. I hope we don't have a repeat of last year when everything bloomed and then a surprise cold snap froze all the budding plants. It pretty much killed the apple crop for last year.

I still have the little apple tree...that my sister gave me for Christmas. It even has fresh green leaves. When it grows up and fruits it will be a Macintosh apple.

Richard, Mom, Pa and Echo walked to the bridge last week. I waited a bit and then Flint and I went to meet them. He tried to turn around and go home three different times but I urged him on. He needs to exercise the leg and get back up to walking daily. I let him rest the next day. Mom and Pa meandered down the day after resting and we all walked to the bridge. Although Flint was slow towards the end, he made it there and back with no problems. He sacked right out in the bed and napped the rest of the afternoon, though. LOL.

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Lyn Cash said...

aaw - hope baby boy just keeps getting better and better...

LOVE the shot of the house in the snow. Quite cozy.