Monday, June 30, 2008

Its been awhile...

Life is good, we've just been busy with various things.

Pa built a teardrop camping trailer and wanted to test it, so we went camping for a few days.

I've been poking around doing jobs in the house, a little sewing, some rearranging of furniture and decluttering. And writing, of course.

Mom and I went to a couple weddings, that was fun!

I've been trying to capture butterfly photos but for some reason they all seem to be in a hurry this year. Flint had one between his ears like a big bow. I grabbed the camera and started shooting, and the thing just disapepared!

Flint has been doing quite well. He's lost a lot of weight, is happy to be outside and prances around like he owns this place. Echo stays inside more, she gets hot and wants to be in air conditioning.


Lyn Cash said...

as one wedding-goer to another, it was great seeing you in June!

can picture Flint with the butterfly between his ears. that would have been a priceless photo!

Lyn Cash said...

okay, I haven't heard from you much lately,'re tagged.

- you've been meme tagged. :) it's on my blog. sowwy.