Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The dogs are starting to accept...

That Emmy is here to stay. They've snapped a couple times and chased her under the bed a few weeks ago. However, she is getting bold about being near them, as long as we are nearby.

We had a massive thunderstorm rip through one afternoon. The dogs are afraid of thunder, so they stick close to me. Usually, they settle down if they are on our bed. I helped Flint onto the bed and Emmy joined him. She played with his ears, his tail and then attacked his back collar. Flint was not amused. He put up with her for a few minutes then hopped off the bed and went to his floor bed, curled up and went to sleep. Emmy went into my office and proceeded to chew on the cardboard flap of the slide projector box, which is sitting in the middle of the floor until I find a home for it.

I went to fix Richard lunch this afternoon and found the girls in the chair together. Echo tolerated it for a little while, but then Emmy decided to play. She grabbed one of Echo's paws and began gnawing on it. Echo put up with it for about a minute and then left.

Emmy is getting big. She eats her dry food throughout the day, gets breakfast and dinner wet food, and then slowly creeps towards the dogs' dishes while they are eating, silently intimidating them until they leave. Then she eats a little of their food. I tried giving her a portion of their homemade dog food in her own dish. Nope. Its all about who is Alpha-Cat in this household. She won't eat it out of her own bowl. She must eat it out of theirs.

The good news is, Flint and Echo used to be a little spoiled about eating their food. They'd let it sit then beg for their treats instead. Now that there's competition, they've taken to eating their food quickly and efficiently. no more food souring in the bowls!

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Angie the Hippo said...

Awwwww! Such cute pictures!
And it's funny how the little kitty cat is intimidating the big dogs until she can get to eat their food.