Sunday, October 17, 2010


I've been doing some sewing, not a lot, just little projects I've had for a while and needed to get done.  I repaired a few articles of clothing, did some embroidery and put the binding on the baby blanket above.  That's our blankie - my Mom bought it when my oldest sister was born and each of us subsequently were wrapped in it as babies.  The satin binding had long since shattered, so Mom gave it to me to repair.  The original was cream-colored, but when I went to buy binding, none were that color so I chose blue. 

I also did a special projec,t but can't reveal it at this time since the recipient might be reading this blog :). 

More sewing is in my future as I like to do things for Christmas. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Merry, love the cat photos...
it's Ali from the womag site, did you find anyone yet who has the that's life mag you wanted? lady at my bookshop had a pile of them at home and she's bringing them into the shop for me on thursday, so hopefully your issue will be among them if you still want it.