Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy Life...

Things have been hectic since I last posted.  Nothing earth-shattering, just day to day life, church, editing/writing, sewing, and dealing with the weather. 

We have a new baby in the family - my sister-in-law had a little girl. Of course, she is adorable and the most beautiful baby, ever. I did some sewing for her. 

In a rare moment, the cats all ate together one day and I snapped a picture.  Emmy, the gray cat, has been ours for 2 years.  The other two are kittens and have only been with us since late summer.  Both were abandoned.  Emmy didn't like them much at first.  The orange tabby is Christian (we found him at the church).  The black one is Dinah, named by one of the kids. 

And SPRING IS IN THE AIR!  These are snow geese, flying north for the summer.  The field had thousands of them.  We spooked them when we stopped to take a photo. 

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