Friday, September 02, 2011

A few days worth of photos...

We've been taking our morning walks every day, but the rest of the day has been hectic and I've not posted the photos.  Our walks have been a little earlier, too.  The sun is up, but hasn't made it past our horizon, so when we go down the road, it is barely peeping over the treetops.  Makes for great pictures! 

Barely there...

First blush of pink and soft blues...

The mornings are getting cooler - fog in the valley. 

This is a mother skunk, and there were little ones with her - I suspect the white spot is a sport - a genetic albino - people around us have reported several albino skunks in the area. 

This little snake was sluggish and probably dying in the too cool morning air.  He flicked his little forked tongue at us, but didn't move.  A day or so later, we found his dead little body, petrified by the heat. 

Dinah guards the porch...or else she's contemplating life through a rail post.

Gracie came to visit today, with her sister, brother and Mom.  She is about 3 weeks old now, and weighs around 7 pounds.  Look at that hair! 

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