Friday, August 17, 2012

Hot Days, Bridge Walks, Wild Animals, etc...

It was hot for a few weeks, is the temp gauge on the car - below the round dial - see it?  112 degrees! 

It was actually around 106 degrees or so - the car was sitting in a parking lot absorbing heat from the pavement. Once we got moving it went down.

We are walking earlier in the morning and starting to see the wild animals again. This armadillo was down in the field, the dogs walked right by and didn't notice it at all.

This buzzard was sitting on the rail, because down below, in the creek, were catfish remains. There were more buzzards, but they flew off when we walked up. This big guy wasn't going to give up breakfast until he had to.

Crepuscular (God rays) in the clouds.

A deer in my garden.

Another deer in my garden.

The moon at sunset, off my deck.

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