Wednesday, July 09, 2014

My beautiful Flint has stepped over the Rainbow Bridge to be with his lifelong pal, our princess, Echo.  He was my faithful, loyal companion all of his life, I chose him because when we went to the Humane Society to get a dog, he ran up to me, stuck his head between my hands and begged to be petted.  He was my defender, no one could get near me if he thought they could be a threat…even Richard. He had to be in whatever room I was in, and when I left the house, no matter who was here, he wailed piteously, as if he’d lost his best friend.  And now, my heart is broken again. I have lost my little prince. 

Flint Moonbaby

September 2002 – July 9, 2014
“And this puppy he lived with only one thought, to love and be loved by me.” 

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