Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nature And Conservation...

This morning we went with Mom and Pa to the local Department of Natural Resources Center and saw a presentation on eagles - specifically, the bald eagle and the golden eagle.  This included getting to observe, up close and personal, two captive eagles that were injured and wouldn't have survived in the wild, so live in a habitat and go on tours to teach about their lives.  It was very interesting and we had an enjoyable day with Mom and Pa. 

This is Aquila (which means eagle in Spanish). Aquila is a golden eagle and got caught in a coyote trap in 2005 and required 3 surgeries to learn to fly again.  However, because of his injury, he cannot fly far ,so he now lives in a special raptor habitat at the Zoo in Springfield Missouri. He is about 8 years old.

This is Phoenix. When she was very young, her transmitter didn't move for 3 days so the DNR folks went to check on her.  They found her lying on the ground, barely alive, for no reason they could discern. Because she required round the clock care, she imprinted on the humans, and so cannot survive on her own.  She is 26 years old and also lives in the raptor habitat at the Zoo in Springfield, Missouri.    

On the way home, we were passing a field and saw two coyotes.  This is the male.  He took off (after lifting his leg on a bush). Then he paused and watched us for a good 2-3 minutes before finally loping off into the underbrush.  We weren't able to get good photos of the other coyote as it went into the brush very quickly.

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