Thursday, December 08, 2005

My first review for HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!

"Merry Stahel is a wonderful writer who has taken a difficult storyline and written it to shine with God's love. I really enjoyed Dea's and Jesse's romance. They both felt abandoned by God and learned to love and trust Him again, and then to love and trust each other. The landscape of the story is so comforting. I imagined living at the old church and befriending Heidi and Joe—and Nate the donkey and Mary the chicken—just as Dea lived it. Santa hats off to Merry for a Merry Christmas tale!" ~ Cynthia Whitten

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Lyn Cash said...

That is such a fabulous review!!! Pam in the cave was asking for you last week, and I told them you had some "stuff" going on. She said tell you she was thinking of you.

Hope all is well. CONGRATULATIONS again on that review. (grin)