Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Driving around...

We like to drive around and get to know our new home. Someone at one of the shops told us the Swinging Bridge was now open to foot traffic. Mom and Pa have lived in this area 7 years and this is the first they've been able to check it out. So we all went together.

That round building off in the distance on the cliff is the Truman Dam Visitors Center. The water is an arm of Lake Of The Ozarks.

Mom and Pa wander across the swinging bridge. This bridge used to be the only one across to Warsaw and CARS drove on it! They closed it to cars sometime in the 1960s. Its only recently been repaired and able to handle the tourists walking across to the other side.

I stood on the side and told Richard I was going to jump! Jumping on the bridge makes it swing. Pa and I tried to get it to really sway, but we could only get it to move a little. We need more volunteers. (grin).

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