Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Around the property...

The rain has brought plenty of water to our area. A creek runs on our property but for about 11 months out of the year the creek is dry. However, with all the rain we're flowing pretty good.

This is my little creek, which we call Flint Creek after the rocks in it...and our dog, Flint. Usually, it is about a foot wide with maybe 1-3 inches of water when it is flowing. As you can see, its about 6 feet wide and has about 5-10 inches of water!

Richard and I went for a walk to the bridge. Our creek empties into this creek, which then empties into the lake. This creek is usually running with about 2-3 feet of water year-around. At this point, it is about 6 feet deep.

This little entity (don't know if its male or female!) was scurrying across the road as we walked home. If he was in my house, I'd probably run screaming, then gather up my courage, find the biggest shoe I could and smash his sorry ass into oblivion. However, since he was not invading my space I let him live. Lucky spider. Stay away.

We walked past Mom and Pa's house and the deer were feeding. Most of the neighbors feed the deer corn out at the edges of their properties during winter. Because of the unusual weather patterns some of their normal spring and summer feeding grounds didn't produce their usual food. Everyone is still feeding deer for now. In years past Pa stopped feeding the deer about a month before hunting season so they'd stay away and not get shot in the yard by hunters. Hunting has greatly declined in this area so we have quite the little herd grazing.

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