Friday, June 29, 2007

Saturday drive and relaxing...

So we went on a Saturday drive mostly to go to the Missouri Archeological Society's Arrowhead - that's the website for those interested.

While out and about we ran into some interesting photo opportunities...this old Plymouth was along the way.

The Leeton Opera House.

And we got home to Echo and Flint relaxing after working hard at supervising all the construction work!

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CJ Floming said...

Hi Merry:

Great pictures. Great blog too.

I am the webmaster for the Artifact News OnLine Newspaper ( and I just wanted to thank you for the mention. Anytime you have some arrowheads to share, we (me, my husband, and our community of readers and writers) would love to have you share it with us. Please do send in a story if you ever have time.

CJ Floming
Artifact News Dot Com