Saturday, June 23, 2007

Truman Lake Dam Visitor's Center

In between getting estimates for roofing shingles I finally took Richard to see the Truman Lake Dam Visitor's Center. The center is cantilevered over the water on a cliff so the view is spectacular. Usually there are turkey buzzards and other birds riding the thermals around the Center. The US Park Service has preserved several old buildings from the surrounding areas on the acreage around the Center. There is a log cabin, The Hooper House (prominent family), The Quincy School dated before the Civil War and a few other smaller buildings and items of historical note.

The view. This was taken with the smaller digital camera from inside the Center. The view is really lovely and I'm not sure this photo does it justice.

The log cabin. The inside was simple - a single room downstairs and a single room upstairs. By our modern standards it was small, but Richard and I both found it cozy and took pictures in the event that we will someday have a guest house and can emulate some of the cozier aspects we liked.

This lantern was in the school house. I'm not sure if the wrought iron holder is authentic or not. I've never seen an oil lantern displayed this way. But it sure is pretty!

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