Monday, June 25, 2007

Pa's Woodworking...and mystery flowers

This mystery flower is not in any of our Audubon Guides...the neighbor down the road whose lived here all his life says its a Missouri Primrose, but according to our book, the primrose's leaves are quite different. Anyone know?

My Pa is a fabulous carpenter and is known for his lovely tote boxes. As the grandkids come of age, if they ask, he gives them one of his wooden totes filled with the tools they will need when they are out on their own. He's also made some for other people as gifts.

My tote box is made of a lovely cherry wood and I asked that it be smaller for my sewing stuff. I carry my scissors, pin cushion, safety pins, threads, needles and other bits and pieces about in it when I am sewing or quilting.

These two are gifts made of walnut. He says now he wishes he saved the wood for gunstocks, the "wood tears" and "fiddeleback grain" buffed out to a beautiful natural wood pattern.

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Angie the Hippo said...

Those are beautiful!

Angie the Hippo.