Monday, April 28, 2008

So...there was a lot of crackling off in our Sanctuary. Richard and I were excited. What kind of birds were back there, nesting and raising their babies? Maybe it was the rare flying squirrels, or perhaps some owls? Ricahrd went back there with a camera to catch whatever he could.

He heard a crashing noise, looked up and two birds were locked together falling through the trees...


BUZZARDS. Mating and nesting in our Sanctuary. We don't know where the nests are. They're not visible in our leafless trees. Maybe they don't make any. At any rate, we've never even seen a baby buzzard. So while all the country neighbors have the cool animals, we have BUZZARDS.

It could only happen to city-slickers.


Lyn Cash said...

you had me on the floor with this one - ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaaaa! Oh, this is hilairous!

Angie the Hippo.