Monday, May 12, 2008

What I've been doing...

Between days of never-ending rain, we've been getting spots of sunshine. On those days, we're able to walk to the bridge. Flint's recovery has been slow because of the weather. However, now we're getting somewhere!

I've also cleaned out the Airstream in preparation for selling. Next up, the garage and cars! And of course, the landscaping. Richard and I bought some plants to pot and our front porch doesn't look so naked now. I also bought a slide bench. I am planning to make cushions for the bench and the chairs. Richard's been cleaning out rocks in the soil and has fertilized the grass, which is growing beautifully.

Today we meandered to the bridge after stopping to check on Pa's progress. Pa is building a teardrop trailer for camping. The frame and body are put together, now he's doing doors and windows.

At the bridge, the barn swallows began buzzing us, about fifty or so flying overhead trying to get us to move on. Their nests are on the underside of the bridge so either babies have hatched or they're very close to being born.

Next time, I won't forget the camera.

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