Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I cleaned the garage today...

You can't see her - but Dinah is on the teapot, in front of the stovepipe. Christian's glowing eyes look a little spooky! For some reason, both kittens love to play on the wood stove. Christian has been eyeing the mantel, but I'll have to bust him if he tries it. Dinah has tried for the cord hanging from the dining room light, but I discouraged her by draping it too high for her to reach. At least for now.

I didn't mean to clean the garage today.

The garage has been filled with other people's stuff for quite some time. We had taken (with their permission) a bunch of stuff to a charity store, but still had some stuff left. We've also been using garage stuff (camping gear, tools, etc.) and not putting it back properly. The place was a disaster.

But since the kids left, all my sewing/fabric stuff hasn't made it back into the house. About now is when I start thinking about Christmas, and sewing up a few gifts. I need fabric for that...and the fabric was out there...unaccessible.

So I started at the front and went to the back. I didn't clean it completely, but with a little rearranging, there's a lot more room out there. I filled the back of the car with clothes, blankets, and so on to take to Goodwill. Now that we no longer have a 4 bedroom house, its time to let some of this "extra" stuff go.

The kittens are growing. Christian is a Mama's boy, always coming in to get a cuddle from me. Dinah does it, too, but less often.

Echo and Flint are fine with the kittens, no problems at all, except at treat time, when everyone congregates to get their share.

I've been canning up a storm - peach jam, blackberry jelly, salsa, Richard's chili, spaghetti, tomatoes, and soon, from the neighbor's tree - apples and applesauce.

Summer's been busy.

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