Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Animals Make Our Days...

Now that Spring has sprung, we've been working on the garden, doing a little reorganizing in the house and generally keeping up with routine chores like lawnmowing, harvesting our "crops" and playing with our animals.
Just some fun pictures of the animals in no particular dated order.
Right in the middle of the picture, you can see Buddy's paws sticking out from behind the cabinet. There's a cubby hole in that corner he likes to hide in.  Because we've still not put the baseboards on the cabinets, his feet pop through.  :)
He was sulking about not getting his walk.  He's very good at sulking, and does everything he can to make one feel guilty, including cuddling my robe (and purse) and long-suffering sighs.
Now he's happy - he's a lap dog!
His favorite toy - it's not only easy to pick up, it SQUEAKS!
Dinah contemplates winter.
Emmy naps with the dog toys.
Emmy guards the porch side entrance, while Christian keeps a lookout.
Christian wakes up.
And goes back to sleep.
And then shifts to the pillow...with the wrong end.
And finally, he moves to the mink blanket on our bed and disappears.
If you click on this picture it enlarges.  There are tiny whilte lines in the trees above the Corolla.  Richard and I went outside, and it was raining right there...and no where else. I tried to capture a photo of the raindrops, it came out as lines.

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