Wednesday, June 04, 2014

It's been raining off and on for a week, good for the garden, but pretty much keeping us indoors.  Richard has been reading books on the Kindle, I've been writing, editing and keep thinking I'll do a little sewing, but haven't actually made the time for it.  We did do some clean-up between rains - power washed the front porch, put all the winter cat box houses away, washed the cat bedding , cleaned the furniture and freshened everything up.  The door trim needs to be painted, so I bought some paint for that, but it's too damp to paint just yet.
Buddy sulks when he cannot go on his walk.  Here he is, back in his cubby behind the kitchen cabinets.
The lone paw dog...
Rainy days makes all the animals hibernate.  Christian and Buddy share the couch.
Flint curls up near the front door.
Emmy begs for treats from Richard.  She'll sit there and wait patiently for quite a while. The fire-eye she's giving him is a trick of the light...I hope.

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