Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I've been quilting for about 15 years now. I inherited a ton of fabric from my adopted grandmother's stash, my husband's grandmother's stash, his aunt's stash and my mother-in-law's stash. I also had a scrap stash of my own from living in the Phillipines and having my own seamstress sew all our clothing. And then there were friends. Some I knew, some I barely knew. They'd find out that I sewed and they'd bring over boxes of fabric from their grandmothers, mothers or sisters. Whenever I helped someone sew stuff, like costumes or whatever, they'd give me any leftover fabric. (I came back from Guam with 15 dishpacks - the tall boxes - filled with fabric).

With all this fabric I've made over 150 quilts. They've mostly been given away. Some went to charitable causes, some went to family, friends and friends of friends. People would ask me to make a quilt for some reason or another and I'd do it. It was easy to simply give them away because usually I was able to use the fabric that was given to me. I never much thought about the time I put into the quilts I gave away. I figured people would pay me, or they wouldn't. And none ever did. Yep, all those quilts and no one ever paid me.

So it is with great surprise that I'm now being paid to quilt! It started with a little set of coasters I made as a giveaway for my books. Buy my book, enter to win a set of quilted coasters. I also made a little fabric envelope and then used a photo my husband took to make some little folded cards that fit in the envelope. That was a door prize, you didn't have to buy a book to win it.

My friend, Nelson, at the Calvert Hotel, loved my little coasters and stationary sets and asked for a few to sell. He sold out within weeks. He asked for more. So I made a few more, plus some little tablerunners.

Yesterday, someone was viewing my house and saw a quilt I'd made. She offered to buy it. I sold it to her for a fair price today. She then informed me that the real estate agent would be calling about ANOTHER quilt!

All these years. All those quilts. All the networking, parties and socializing I did and never sold a single quilt.

And now, by a sheer fluke one of the few times I've left home and one of the few times I've had folk IN my home since we moved here...and I'm selling my quilts and quilties right and left.

Life is strange. LOL

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