Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Busy life...

Life has been extraordinarily busy, and yet none of the things I had planned to do are done! Work was hectic for bit, but now its slowed down SOME. We shall see what I get done in the coming months.

I DID finally finish the last of the Christmas quilts for one sibling's family, which means I can now mail this brother's package. Once they get it, I'll post pictures of the quilts. They read my blog occasionally and I want it to be a semi-surprise! LOL One down...a couple more to go!

I still have a couple more quilts to make, but they are small. I have this idea to try out and I even know who to try it out on...quilters think like that - we see a sewing technique we want to try and then we think of a person we can make a quilt for so we can "practice" the technique.

In dog news, everyone is getting along, which is quite good. Mudball...I mean Chantry, enjoys digging in the yard. It rained Saturday. We were waiting to show the house to potential buyers. Mudball made it past Richard and when we tried to catch him, he thought it was a game. Jack Russell terriers are FAST. Richard and I looked like Laurel and Hardy falling over ourselves, feinting left and right, trying to catch one little dog who was having the time of his life. It didn't help that Echo and Flint decided to join in. Amidst screams of "There he is! Catch him!" we had three dogs running back and forth not knowing the rules of the game, but wanting to play anyway! Amidst the bleating cries and cringing as Mudball continued upon his destructive, yet gleeful path with joy de vivre, were two other dogs, running, blocking and generally getting in the way.

By the time we caught him we not only had to bathe him, we had to mop ALL the tile floors (kitchens, bathrooms, hallways), vacuum the living room, the dining room and my office, clean a few streaks off some walls and wash the throw rugs. Its a really good thing he's so cute. Otherwise, I'd have to kill him.

Off to work on the next quilt!

Addendum hours later: I did a very bad thing. Someone came to view the house today - in fact, two someones. After dinner, I moseyed into my office and puttered on the computer, then finally got up to peruse my quilting stuff to decide if I really wanted to work on the next project or not. There on my work table was a note. "If you are selling, I'd like to buy." With a name and phone number. At first I thought, "house?" and then I realised...she was wanting to buy the quilt! But which one? I have 3 hanging on the walls, one draped over the ironing board and the one I had just finished. The note was a sticky back - it could have fluttered off any of them! Finally, I worked up the courage and called her, knowing that no one in their right mind would pay me what the quilt was actually worth. People usually nearly faint at my feet when I mention price. Being unsure, I asked her to tell me what SHE thought it was worth. She did. She not only knew what it was worth - she actually OFFERED that much or MORE, she wanted it that bad. Greed warred in me for about 3 seconds, but I shoved it aside.

And I sold her the quilt for the price it was worth...and no more.

I now have to make a certain someone ANOTHER quilt...it was a Christmas present! ACK! Why do I do these things?

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