Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What have I been doing, you ask?

I've been quilting. Seems a friend of mine who owns an antique shop has taken a shine to the little quilty goodies I give out to my readers as prizes! He asked me to make up a few things to sell at the annual Pulpwood Queen's Author "Girlfriend Weekend 2006." The event will be 1/20-1/22/06. So, in addition to sending along a few autographed copies of my books, I sent some quilty goodies!


Lyn Cash said...

Merry, these are gorgeous! How long are the ones in this photograph? Drooling here - thinking what a lovely table runner each one would make - lol - with coasters to boot.

You do such lovely handiwork, lady.

Merry said...

They are about 38-40 inches long. The pattern is actually bigger, using 4 inch squares - I have a large one on my kitchen table.

These are smaller - they can be used on smaller apartment size tables or... I have another on my piano bench.