Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cameras are fun things...

Pa's been taking some fun photos of the animals around here...

The ruby-throated hummingbirds come twice a day to eat at the most happening hummingbird joint in town - Mom and Pa's two feeders. Hummers are funny little birds. They are MEAN. They squabble and fight and dive-bomb each other in their pursuit of food. They're picky. They all seem to like one feeder and one hole on that feeder better than all the rest...and that's what most all the squabbles are about. The males outnumber the females about 3 to 1. They are so intent on food that any condition that changes in that environment causes about 30 seconds of zipping around and then they settle down and continue their squabbling and eating. YES. That hummer's little birdy feet are on my finger. The one in front of my hand is actually about an inch away. The oddest thing is at some point in the evening, they'll all be dipping in the feeder for the nectar and in an instant, some silent signal goes through all of them and they disappear in about a split second and don't come back until morning!

Another shot of me up close and personal with the hummers.

This is a Baltimore Oriole we think. Not the baseball team - the BIRD. Orioles pass through on their way to their summer feeding grounds. To keep them around a few days, split an orange in half and leave it on the rail or somewhere they can get to it easily. They will sit there and peck the juice and pulp out of the orange until it is dry. They stayed about a week and then moved on. Another kind of Oriole was here, too - but we couldn't get photos of it - it was yellow and black. Same markings.

While out canoeing Pa was able to get some good shots of a couple buzzards nearby. Generally these creatures are hard to photograph flying, but Pa says this one paced him in the canoe and he was able to get several good shots.

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Angie the Hippo said...

Beautiful birds! I especially love the humming birds, I've never been able to get other than fuzzy images while trying to photograph them.

Looks like your building is going great too!

Miss you in the Cave!