Monday, February 26, 2007

Time to work!

I stopped both my blogs for a while because I needed to concentrate on other things. One of which was my writing. Finished writing a novella and its now out there being perused by an editor.

The other reason I stopped blogging was because a few family crises cropped up. Some are now taken care of, some aren't. That's the way it is in families. Everything will eventually resolve and then we'll move to the next crisis.

And the third reason I stopped blogging...I moved to Saudi Arabia. Not permanently. In fact, its really only a visit. I'll be coming back in April. I am not allowed to drive, go out in public without the husband and must always wear my abaya (black tent dress covers from neck to knees) outside our compound. I pretty much have to entertain myself at the apartment while husband works so telling stories on paper seemed the way to go .

The fourth reason I stopped is because we quit working on the house, which is why there's nothing new on the construction blog.

So here in SA, I've been writing up a storm. The science-fiction is getting the bulk of my attention. I have been sending family & friends emails with my adventures/misadventures, too.

Anyway, figured now was the time to get the old blog rolling again. We shall see what transpires with it.

I am enjoying writing. I'd forgotten how much I loved it. The last few years I've had to juggle a lot of stuff and squeeze writing in when I could. I got to the point that I wondered if I truly enjoyed writing. Now I realize that by letting other things entangle me that I let go of one of the things I loved because it was easier to let it go than to deal with other people's perceptions. Now that I know this that will not happen again. How's that for convoluted?

Anyway, point is that I sent a novella off Jan 31 and have started writing another book. Its fun. I'm having a blast. And I feel secure in the knowledge that my writing is back on track and I can start blogging again, too.

We'll see how the adventure continues!

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