Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dinner went well

Yesterday Richard called me from work and asked if I'd be able to scramble up some dinner for friends if he invited them over...I said okay.

What was I thinking????

When we were in the military we did this a lot - a lot of socializing goes on within that group, anyway.

However, with the help of the Internet, since I have none of my cookbooks here...I made homemade salsa and chips, Texas Chili, Chicken Enchiladas, Mexican Rice, a salad and for dessert, apple crisp and ice cream. I didn't make the ice cream, but I did have to cook some tortillas for chips.

It went over VERY well! Richard even ate the leftovers for breakfast! (I had planned to have them for dinner!)

The interesting thing is that everything called for chili powder and I had I even made my own chili powder!

This is one of the irritating things that get to me - the fact I can't hop in the car and run down to the store! LOL In another way, it forced me to rethink the menu and improvise - creativity at its finest.

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