Saturday, March 10, 2007

Writing, writing, writing...

Seems that's what I do most of the day, now. I'm still having fun with it. Taking my time, tweaking a bit here and there and suddenly, I've done 8-10 pages! YES!

One thing that seems to be happening...I tend to write a chapter fast, then go back in and layer in details. Interesting. Never knew that about myself. Not being under a deadline of some sort, I'm kind of analyzing how I write. It appears that I must have a sort of outline even if parts of that outline are in my head (and not in the 29 page synopsis/outline I wrote out to keep myself on track).

In other events...well, nothing's happening. Except writing.

Oh, and reading ghost stories. Been reading the updates each month just for fun! Type ghost stories in your search engine and you'll get a whole slew of websites.

Right now, I'm reading Castle Of Spirits website - even the archives!

Also, Baen Books has free downloads of science fiction and fantasy by some famous authors. Since I am writing a sci-fi, I downloaded a few to read. Wow! What a motherlode of good books. I've not read everything but I enjoyed an eclectic sample. Kudos to Baen for offering the books for free. Needless to say, when I return to civilization and real bookstores that aren't censored, I plan to pick up some new authors.

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Lyn Cash said...

hmm - I'm gonna have to remember that site for another friend who reads sci-fi/fantasy...had no idea!