Sunday, March 11, 2007


Richard and I have done a little exploring about the place. Tourists and cameras are are rare here. We see very few cameras and even fewer tourists. We do not stray far from known areas, either. The further inland one goes, the less likely it is to find gas stations, eateries and familiar language. Foreigners are discouraged against being tourists, too. In some ways, this country is still very isolated.

The Arabs and Bedouins are known for some things. Their seafaring, metalwork, their fabulous horses and of course, the camels.

The VW is on the city of Dammam - an example of the beautiful metalwork and wrought iron to be found here.

The boat is one of the antique seafaring vessels. This is on the Corniche (beach boardwalk area) Why yes, I AM wearing sneakers under my abaya!

The American influence - this is right at the border of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, after you pass through Customs and come off the Causeway.

This photo was taken from the third floor of the Movenpick hotel in Bahrain. Don't bother staying there. The place wasn't very good considering the price - I've stayed in many a Holiday Inn that was much nicer. They had none of the FREE amenities of an American hotel. It also cost a fortune. Breakfast was $62 and the Internet wasn't was $30 for a single day.

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