Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Signs of the times...

One tends to think of the alphabet as universal and really, it is. But how different people write it is always fascinating. With Arabic, the words are read right to left. Here are a few signs with both languages.

Richard took this picture of an archaeological dig he visited. Never having seen a Royal Decree, I thought the last line of the sign was interesting. Most locals have little or no interest in their ancient past. Many ancient sites are destroyed or buried with no concern for their historical value. Artifacts are thrown away or lost and very little is maintained.

Going through Immigration and Customs, veiled women have the right to maintain their privacy. The women are allowed to leave their vehicles and go into a private building for women only with their passports. The woman can remove her veil, her photo is matched, and she is given a slip of paper to give to outside Security that agrees that she is who she says she is. Since I do not wear the veil, I can stay in the car with my husband and be waved through after our passports are checked.

By the way, I have been told the veil is not religious, but cultural. I have no idea if this is true.

My cousin owns a Harley Davidson dealership so I have fun finding them in other countries and taking photos to send back. The Harley Club here has a great emblem, it has a camel on it! I will post a photo of it once I get a decent picture.

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